Step 1: Compose/Tell your story

Decide what stories you want to tell and what items you want to include in your literacy narrative. You can tell these stories in many forms: words, images, videos, audio clips, photographs.

You can include as many of these items as you’d like in your literacy narrative. They will all appear under your name.

Some of the following prompts may remind you of stories you want to tell:

Early experiences at home

Experiences during your school years

Later experiences:

Additional Materials

We also encourage you to add as many other items as you’d like to your literacy narrative. Each item you submit should help illustrate or explain your literacy narrative: All materials must be submitted in a digitized format.

To make this process easier, we suggest that you create a folder on the computer you are using and store all the pieces of your literacy narrative in this folder so that they are easy to find and upload.

If you would prefer to send your materials by mail rather than uploading them via this web site, please click here for directions.