DALN Forms (print)

If you help somebody else record a DALN narrative in a location that doesn't allow you to upload it online, you can upload it later using any computer that has internet access. In this case, before the person starts telling their story, you will need to have him/her fill out and sign a hard-copy Informed Consent form that gives the DALN permission to post the narrative.

You will also need to have individuals sign and complete the forms below if you mail us recorded narratives to post.

These combined forms include information about Informed Consent (about the DALN project and your involvement), the Release of your narrative to the DALN, the ways in which you want your narrative used by viewers (Deed of Gift OR Creative Commons License), and information about your narrative (About Your Narrative) that will provide DALN users the information they need search for your narrative, find it, and use it. Depending on whether or not you are over 18 years of age (the age of legal consent), we have included versions of these forms for both adult and minor contributors.

Send us the completed and signed Informed Consent form at the following address:

Ben McCorkle
The Ohio State University-Marion
1465 Mt Vernon Ave.
Marion, OH 43302.

Additional contact information:
Phone: 740.725.6152. Email: mccorkle.12@osu.edu.