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Digital Exhibit: The Effects of (insert sponsor here) on Literacy

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Janette Long


Christine Kappesser


Kari Nowiski


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Although Roxanne mentions her parents reading to her, it takes up only a small fraction of the interview. The interview with Roxanne was set up the day it occurred, just two hours in advance because my fourth interviewee unexpectedly cancelled that morning. While the other three narrators each had a week to dwell on the stories they would present, she only had a couple of hours to decide. However, she seemed eager to relate her unique introduction into literacy. Because she is my roommate, we decided to conduct the interview at the kitchen table, but previous to this interview, my conversations with Roxanne had been limited. This was an opportunity for her to share something with me, and she seemed excited to relate personal experiences that were important to her life.

After two minutes of telling stories of her “non-family literacy experience”, she finally discusses her “normal before you to bed like reading kind of thing”(link). Her insertion of the word “normal” illustrates her view that all parents read to their children, and that its importance to her is not very high. Instead, it is apparent that she considers her main literacy sponsor to be her daycare and school when she says, “the only encouragement I remember getting to read was from like school”(link). Her slightly negative tone emphasizes the other half to that statement – the lack of encouragement from her home. Although this didn’t affect her education as the school system made up for the deficit, she makes the claim that it “might have backfired as well a little bit because I don’t like reading now”(link). With paltry parental promotion, Roxanne never feels the passion for learning that is seen in Janette’s narrative.

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