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Digital Exhibit: The Effects of (insert sponsor here) on Literacy

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Janette Long


Christine Kappesser


Kari Nowiski


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Kari Nowiski

In the reverse of Erin’s situation, Kari Nowiski demonstrates the same ‘pay it forward’ motif but in an upstream manner when reading to her sister who is two years older. She remembers “my sister read to me a little and then later I was the one reading to her cuz she did not get the same experience out of literacy as a child as I did…I even enjoy reading now because of that I feel” (link). Through the experience of sharing her love for reading with someone else, Kari expresses that it actually taught her to appreciate the action herself.

The interview with Kari occurred in her kitchen but even this familiar setting didn’t put her at ease. When I initially told Kari about her part in the project, she seemed excited because she had a lot of stories to share. During the actual narration, I had to prompt her with questions, but eventually she got through all the material she wanted to cover. To this day, Kari reads about a book a week, and it appears this infatuation with reading occurred as a result of the early experiences of her mother reading to her and her siblings. After learning the joy of reading, she tried to share this passion with her sister and ended up furthering her own appreciation.

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