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Digital Exhibit: The Effects of (insert sponsor here) on Literacy

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Janette Long


Christine Kappesser


Kari Nowiski


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The most typical literacy sponsor in the interviews is usually one of the narrator’s parents, but some parents have a larger impact than others. Janette Long, an Ohio woman born in 1982, claims her mother is the major literacy sponsor in her life when she recalls a story in which her mom uses Janette’s jealousy to motivate her to read:
“My kindergarten teacher picked out certain kids to learn how to read, like kids who had the aptitude for it, and I wasn’t one of them and I was so mad. I remember my mom telling me I came home like just like hitting things, and I was just so mad cuz she didn’t want to teach me how to read and so my mom actually took that summer between kindergarten and first grade and taught me how to read” (link).
Although her love of reading didn’t begin until high school, she cites her parents influence when she reminisces, “I think my parents really shaped that and just really helped push it and not let people like hold me back or let me hold myself back even” (link).
Her parents are very effective literacy sponsors as they drive Janette to learn for herself and her own desire, rather than for any sort of reward. Because they teach her as a way of fulfillment rather than as a way to meet a goal, she experiences a passion for gaining knowledge rather than a feeling of necessity.


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