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Digital Exhibit: The Effects of (insert sponsor here) on Literacy

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Janette Long


Christine Kappesser


Kari Nowiski


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Another interviewee named Erin details a similar memory related to increasing her vocabulary. Her interview occurred in the same setting as Roxanne’s, around my kitchen table, although she knew about the subject of the interview well in advance. As a close friend of mine, her initial motivation for being interviewed was to give me material for the project I was conducting, but from the start, it was apparent that she enjoys relating her stories.

She recounts a story in which her parents would read a page of a book and she would read it back to them: “I recognized some of the words so then that would be easier for me to pronunciate it or spell it out. If I had…if I had just heard it, then it would be, it’d be a better learning experience" (link). Although Erin’s parents still guided her, she distinctly remembers her transition to independent reading. Erin also recalls being a literacy sponsor herself while babysitting for a couple of boys. She smiles as she remembers the boys arguing for more books because in her opinion, “if you view it as a special treat, then they’ll more likely to like it in the future” (link). Drawing from her own pleasant reading experiences, Erin illustrates the impact that literacy had on her life in this action. Not only does she acquire an appreciation for learning but also attempts to forward this enjoyment to the next generation through emulating her parents.

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