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Digital Exhibit: The Effects of (insert sponsor here) on Literacy

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Janette Long


Christine Kappesser


Kari Nowiski


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Christine Kappesser

Perhaps the most unusual literacy sponsor was described by Christine Kappesser. Her interview took place in her dorm room where thin walls and uncontrollable noises made for a distracting interview. Upon my arrival, Christine expressed her concern that she had nothing to talk about but ended up talking three minutes longer than any of my other interviewees. Once she started, she jumped from topic to topic with ease as one memory sparked another in a cascade of reminiscence.

Although she cites her parents as contributing to her literacy, she also depicts an under-appreciated tool from the library – books on tape. She recalls that “it would like read it to me as I went, and I think that helped a lot with my reading skills because I could look at how it was pronounced by someone without having it, my parents read to me”(link). It appears that this technique was integral for her in the transition to becoming an independent reader. Because her parents built a firm foundation for learning, Christine is able to teach herself new vocabulary by using unique techniques that she discovers on her own. Her parents instill a self-reliance in her that enables her to conquer any future learning endeavors that she encounters.

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